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If You Fail to Respond or Appear at Trial for Your Minor Traffic Citation Offense

Many people are given citations and often forget about them, misplace them or do not realize the time constraints on responding to the citation. Failing to timely respond to your citation and/or failure to appear at your court date can have costly consequences. If you do not respond to the court within 30 days of the date of your citation indicating one of the three options (pay the fine, request a waiver hearing or request a trial), the MVA will be notified and may take action to suspend your license. Failure to both pay and attend court results in a suspension of the driver’s license or privilege to drive. Drivers are allowed to post the collateral after missing a court date and may request a new trial date. Posting the collateral results in withdrawal of the suspension. Forfeiture of collateral results in a conviction and the imposition of points if the offense carries points.

If you failed to timely respond to the citation, your license becomes suspended, and you are subsequently pulled over while driving on a suspended license, you are now subject to serious citations for Driving While License is Suspended. Such citations are serious citations subject to jail, fines and points.

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