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Getting DUI/DWI Legal Defense in Maryland

If you are charged with a Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) or Driving While Impaired (“DWI”) charge, the most important thing you can do is consult with one of the experienced DUI attorneys at Esworthy Law. A defense attorney who has experience litigating in the local court system can help individuals to understand the court process, deadlines, their legal options and take steps to mitigate the possible damage associated with DUI charges and convictions.

Starting from the moment of your DUI / DWI stop, you will be confronted with a number of important decisions, all with the potential to impact your rights and defenses. These are decisions that require legal insight and knowledge of the legal process, and they should not be taken lightly. DUI and DWI offenses are routinely prosecuted in Maryland, and a conviction for even a first-time offense can result in a jail sentence and have a continuing impact on the life of the accused. However, with the aid of a dedicated Maryland DUI lawyer, you can be confident that you have someone who is working with your best interests at heart.

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