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Entrepreneur’s Best Friend "Justin Esworthy truly is an entrepreneur’s best friend. Justin handled everything concerning my speeding ticket. He educated me on the entire process from receiving the ticket to final disposition. He thoroughly explained the entire process to me, answered all of my questions, and put me at ease with understanding what would happen at court. I am busy small business owner and already had meetings scheduled for the day of court. Justin informed me that I did not have to go to court, that he could go for me. Justin went to court for me, got my ticket dismissed, and I got to work all day."
Mark L., CEO
Excellent Attorney, Wonderful Person "I can’t say enough good things about Justin. He is a great attorney and even better person. I could tell during our first conversation that he “wasn’t just another attorney.” He takes his job seriously. He’s non-judgmental, kind, understanding, honest, knowledgeable and really cares about helping people. He represented my son in a traffic case and was very successful in getting the best outcome possible. We are very grateful to have had Justin in our corner and highly recommend him."
Lisa B.
Recommended "I contacted Mr. Esworthy after reading his review on a Saturday morning and received a call within a couple of hours. I am out of state and made a mistake with the court location. I didn’t realize he was not from the area that my ticket was in. He called me anyway and quickly and succinctly advised me. I really appreciated that. I would’ve hired him if it didn’t mean having to pay additional fees for the distance, which I certainly understand. His responsiveness and willingness to advise me indicated a true professional in my book and I’d certainly hire him if I ever needed services in his area."
K. Hood
Both of my Cases Dismissed “I came to Justin with 2 traffic tickets, facing hundreds of dollars in fines, 8 points on my license, and a likely suspended license. Justin got both of my cases dismissed! No convictions, no fines, and no points!”
Rachel K.
Ranked top 100 trial lawyer! "Mr. Esworthy represented me and did an amazing job! He is ranked top 100 trial lawyers in the country for a reason! He personally answers emails, phone calls, etc! Unbelievable!"
Highly Recommend Justin! "Justin navigated us through a traffic violation as it involved the Federal District Court in Maryland and the Department of Motor Vehicles in the District of Columbia. Somehow Justin reached an agreement with the prosecutor that reduced the charges to a minor offense without significant impact on my son’s driving record. Justin is a very nice guy, amazingly responsive, and most knowledgeable. Clearly his experience helped reach an agreement that was acceptable to the Court and good for our son. Justin certainly comes highly recommended by me."
Bob R.
95 mph PBJ! “I got a ticket for 95 mph in a 65 mph zone and faced 5 points on my license. Justin explained the entire process to me, advised me on what to do, and kept me well informed on the status of my case. He got me a PBJ and no points!”
Mike S.
First Rate Attorney! "My husband had less than 3 weeks to get an 8 year old outstanding warrant quashed so that he could obtain a passport to go out of the country. Justin not only got the warrant quashed in time, but was able to get the court date rescheduled, (which of course was set during the time we were scheduled to be out of the country). The case was ultimately dismissed, and is eligible for expungement. We couldn’t be happier with the results!! Thanks Justin! "
Renee J.
Highly Recommended! “Justin represented me in my DUI case, and I could not be happier with the result. Very competent lawyer who is very upfront and communicates well. Highly recommended.”
Patrick S.
Excellent Attorney, Highly Recommend! "Mr. Esworthy represented my daughter in court for a speeding ticket. She could not make it to court due to a school conflict so Mr. Esworthy appeared on her behalf. He was able to achieve the best possible outcome and my daughter was extremely pleased. Mr. Esworthy is very knowledgeable and patient — I highly recommend him!"
Judy M.
Great Experience Justin represented me well and I would highly recommend him. He was upfront about what I need to do and what to expect. It all went smoothly and was handled outside of a trial. I also thought his price was very reasonable.
Robert M.
A pleasure working with Mr. Esworthy "I engaged Mr. Esworthy for a nasty speeding ticket. He was straightforward and communicative, understood the right actions to take, and carried the case through with competence and minimum fuss."
Eric R.
Not Guilty 80/55 “I am from out-of-state and hired Justin to represent me for my traffic offense. Justin kept me well informed and advised me that I did not have to travel back to Maryland for my trial date because he could appear for me. The best news came on the day of trial when Justin called and let me know of the not guilty verdict! I highly recommend Justin.”
Steve C.
Excellent Attorney! "Justin Esworthy was my attorney in a criminal traffic trial. Justin was very attentive and communicative, my initial call was returned within a couple of hours and every call or email was also returned in a timely manner. He was non-judgmental, encouraging and gave step by step instructions on what I could do to get the best possible outcome when we went to court. The best part of hiring Justin was that he gave me peace of mind and hope during the entire process. Justin was able to get an outcome that far exceeded my expectations and for that I am very appreciative. I would not hesitate to recommend Justin, he was a pleasure to work with, very professional, knowledgeable and took the time to insure I was comfortable at every stage of the process."
Kathy L.
Stellar Work Justin! "Justin represented a close friend of mine who was facing, among other things, a possible (and likely) drivers license revocation after receiving two serious driving violations in quick succession. While my friend was terrified in the beginning, Justin was able to keep her informed and calm which is a quality that I’ve found is commonly lacking in the legal community. Justin was successful in obtaining not guilty verdicts in BOTH cases which far surpassed my hopes and expectations. Justin is a fantastic attorney and we can’t thank enough. I would highly recommend contacting Justin if you ever find yourself in a legal bind. Thanks again Justin."
Alex M.
Excellent! "Justin Esworthy did an excellent job handling my case. This was my first, and hopefully last, evolvement in a criminal case but right from the beginning Justin’s knowledge and confidence helped to ease my apprehension. His explanations of the process were accurate and thorough and we achieved the best possible outcome for my case. I would certainly use his services again and recommend him to others."
Kevin H.
All Charges Dismissed “I was facing 30 years in prison; the state had a witness against me. I went into court and within two hours, all charges had been dismissed. Much thanks to Justin who handled it like a true pro. This is not hype, I have worried myself sick for 4 months, and in two hours it was over.”
Anthony S.
Great Lawyer "I used Justin for a criminal case last month. I have been a felon for the past 2 years, I was put on probation and I violated it but Justin did not only get the case closed but he also made sure the that I walked out the court room without be being a felon. I totally recommend him."
Abi O.

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